Delano Breakfast Talk - zero interest rate environment

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Delano Breakfast Talk - zero interest rate environment

Value investing has been under extreme pressure since the beginning of 2007. 

Value Managers experience difficulties to explain why their investment style, which is based on rock-solid  principles, has been out of favour for such a long time.

Some might even question “Is value dead?” In a zero interest rate environment where financial bubbles are appearing in all major asset classes, investing in high quality undervalued businesses may be the best way to add value. 

Come and join the breakfast where you will understand why exactly now is a good time to re-discover the old art of value investing.

Join European Capital Partners  at the Delano breakfast talk on 24th September 2019 at Sofitel Grand Ducal.

Leon Kirch will provide insights about the current market environment and why he believes that value investing as an investment style is about to return.

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