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Important notice

Dear Customers,

European Capital Partners (Luxembourg) S.A. warns the public of the website and of unknown persons who contact potential investors in an unsolicited way by using the name “Europe Capital Partners” and by offering investment services, including so-called savings accounts referred to as “Livret Europe”, “Livret Energie” or “Livret Alliance”.

In doing so, they fraudulently use the name, the logo and the address of the management company European Capital Partners (Luxembourg) S.A., which has been duly authorised in Luxembourg under Chapter 15 of the Law of 17 December 2010 relating to undertakings for collective investment and is subject to the CSSF’s supervision.

European Capital Partners (Luxembourg) S.A. would like to clarify it has nothing to do with the website and the facts referred to in this warning.”

ECP is an investment company incorporated under Luxembourg law and has no subsidiaries in France or abroad. In such circumstances, we ask you to be particularly vigilant before instructing any financial instructions and to ensure that the contact details of your contact at ECP are identical in every respect to the usual contact details; if this is the case, we recommend that you refrain from replying and contact ECP without delay via our website,, or directly by calling (+352) 27 84 36 44.