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The investment DNA at ECP

Dec 02, 2022

Mark Twain once stated : “Rumours of my death are highly exaggerated”. It indeed increasingly appears that active management is back to relevance in these turbulent times. Today we give the example of our Multi-Asset Strategy that combines active stock picking, a stringent selection of bonds and a dynamic allocation towards different asset classes. This UCITS Fund is up 7% since launch in August 2021 and up 1.92% since the beginning of the year ( I share class ). How did lead manager Frédéric Pouchain and his co-manager Mohamed Afifi achieve this result in an environment where both equity and bond markets are down in 2022 ? The simple answer is their focus on undervalued quality companies with a long term investment horizon and a disciplined investment approach with a steady hand in volatile market conditions. While past performance is no guarantee for future results, this Fund clearly shows our investment DNA at ECP.


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