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We are dedicated to understanding you and your goals. Based on your objectives we create with you a wealth plan that will bring you a peace of mind. We help you implementing your private Wealth Management strategy. Our experienced Wealth Management Team take time listening to you (and your advisers) to shape our services and proposals around your needs and those of your family. ECP Team is professional and dedicated in its role to provide you with best solutions to help get you where you plan to be.


Think and invest as an entrepreneur is what is guiding us. The importance of a goal for your financial future is of a primordial importance. We build customised portfolio based on your unique situation, considering several personal factors to assess your risk profile and propose a solution combining minimal portfolio with maximum diversification.



Meeting to get to know each other


Presentation of your future portfolio


Portfolio implementation


Regular client-manager meetings


Frequent updating of your needs and expectations


Open architecture

We research and analyze the best funds, trackers, stocks and bonds for your portfolio.

Family Office Services

Privileged access to quality partners such as custodian banks, real estate specialists, private equity firms, tax specialists, insurers, art consultants and other professionals.

International vision

A global reflection with local expertise in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Dedicated investment strategies

Developed in all asset classes, including traditional and alternative investments.


We keep an open mind according to your personal situation and market cycles.


Benefit from measurable value-added reporting and regular meetings so you can closely monitor your portfolio and its results.


The preservation of your capital is our priority

Analyze risk more than analyzing profit will help keeping your capital from slowing slipping away

We invest in open architecture

Opening up to the best solutions for your assets

Be opportunistic when we deem it necessary

Be responsive to market cycles

Our selection process is based on the conviction

Active vs. passive management

Diversification is essential

Dynamic asset allocation

Selection process of our investments


Assessment of the main risks and factors of the allocation in view of the evolution of the markets

    • International Investment universe
    • World markets review

      Approach Top-Down
      and Bottom-up

      Adjustment of the model according to the results
      of each step

    • Vehicle selection
    • Financial analysis of the underlying assets
    • Allocation Weighting
    • Execution followed by
    • Management

Risk profile assessment

Investor profile


Investors who seek return on investment over capital preservation. They are willing to subject a greater portion of their portfolio to risk in anticipation of a greater return on investment.

Moderately Aggressive

Investors are willing to accept a higher level of risk in pursuit of greater returns, though not as aggressively as those with an aggressive risk profile. They aim for moderate growth and income, striking a balance between risk and potential reward.


Investors willing to accept some amount of risk in anticipation of a moderate growth and income.


Investors who prefer the generation of a regular and relatively stable income to the growth of their capital. They have a rather high aversion to risk.

Investment opportunities

  • opportunitiesEXAMPLE
  • Direct portfolio Dedicated equity portfolio
  • Real Estate Funds We Invest
  • Family Holdings Fund GE Family Holdings Fund
  • Quality - Value Fund European Value Fund
  • Bond funds Global Euro Bond Fund
  • Private Equity Whitestone Group
  • Private Debt Funds ES-Lending
  • Hedge funds

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