Wealth Management Team

François Haquenne

Head of Wealth Management
Conducting Officer
+352 2784 3645

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Geneviève Denis

Senior Wealth Manager (BELUX)
+32 492 58 86 18

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Niklaus Siegrist

Senior Wealth Manager (Germany & Switzerland)
+41 79 949 30 39

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Private wealth management

Think and Invest differently

The importance of a goal for your financial future

At ECP, we know what it means to have all the financial responsibilities we have on our shoulders, which can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Therefore having a financial plan is important, because trying to juggle between investment decisions and the actual goal can be a difficult task to do on your own.

Tailor-made solutions and efficient management

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management
  • Customized Management Reports
  • Financial Management of Life Insurance Policies
  • Dedicated Investment vehicles
  • Dedicated ESG Mandate
  • Family Office


Building relationships founded on absolute trust, impartiality and genuine exchanges between the investor and the advisor



We determine together your investment objective

Defensive: Investors who seek for capital preservation and prefers stable investment and focuses less on capital growth. Stable investments grow gradually in value and are less volatile.

Moderate: Investors willing to accept some amount of risk in anticipation of a greater return on investment.

Moderate Aggressive: Investors willing to accept a greater amount of risk in anticipation of a greater return on investment.

Aggressive: Investors who seek return on investment over capital preservation. They are willing to subject a greater portion of their portfolio to risk in anticipation of a greater return on investment.